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A fanciful version of our most loved cheese. The paste is fresh and delicate, punctuated by tiny, fragrant small pieces of chilli pepper. It is a young cheese, which matures in 20-25 days, produced only with whole sheep milk of Sardinian pastures. It has a light yellow, striped rind, treated on the surface with a preservative that protects it from mould. The paste is cream-coloured with the small red points of the chilli pepper and slight holes.

It is a special cheese, with spicy taste and aroma. It can make a toast or a sandwich really special. It is delicious in fresh salads or to accompany croutons, carasau bread or other tasty baked goods and savoury snacks at an aperitif or with appetizers.


Ingredients: Pasteurized sheep milk, salt, rennet, red chilli pepper (max 1%).

Formaggio Di Pecora Brigante Al Peperoncino

SKU: CH036
1 Kilogram
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