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A fragrant, spicy and surprising variant of our Brigante.
It is a fresh and young sheep cheese, which matures for just 20-25 days, produced only from whole Sardinian milk. It goes delightfully with the taste and aroma of black pepper grains that dot it and with the unique flavour of saffron. The rind is dark yellow, with the characteristic stripes of canestrati cheeses. The paste is golden yellow like saffron, studded with peppercorn points. It is soft, fresh, with slight holes.

The aroma and flavour are both fresh and spicy, with the noticeable notes of pepper and the precious aroma of saffron. It is a very special note on a platter of cheeses and cured meats for the aperitif or with appetizers. It can be an original touch for salads or to combine with homemade bread, rustic crackers or other tasty baked goods.



Pasteurized sheep milk, salt (n.q. salted by wet way), rennet (<1%), saffron (max 1%), black pepper in grains (max 1%).

Formaggio di Pecora Brigante pepe e zafferano

SKU: CH035
1 Kilogram
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