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Nature has given liquorice the best of itself, in fact the active ingredients and the sweet and pleasant taste of its root have been known since ancient times. It is recognized that it clears the throat, saves breath and throat and has expectorant, emollient, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-caries properties. It is also present in various aphrodisiac recipes and in the Kama-Sutra. It was used by alchemists of the past in medicinal potions. It is today appreciated by everyone as a natural and healthy candy, and it also has a spirit: Liquorice. The Caffo Distillery was the first company to produce a "pure Calabrian liquorice liqueur", creating a unique and inimitable product, which is why today only Liquorice Caffo is "The original pure Calabrian liquorice liqueur". To produce the liquorice juice needed for one liter of Liquorice Caffo, an average of 500 grams are used. of fresh Calabrian DOP liquorice root. The natural extraction takes place in Calabria according to the exclusive recipe for hot infusion in water without the use of other solvents.


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