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The next generation of cleaning products with the environment in mind, the ntrl range offers a safer, cleaner and efficient cleaning process whilst also reducing our environmental footprint by using the unique strengths of plant-based extracts help transform how we clean. This organic descaler is a naturally derived cleaner and lime-scale remover for toilets and urinal surfaces for the effective removal of scale and surface staining.

Features and benefits:

  • 1L
  • Long lasting biodegradable formula that effectively cleans and clings to toilet bowls and urinals
  • Naturally derived glucose and RSPO palm kernel oil derived surfactant for the descaling and cleaning of toilets, urinal bowls and associated pipework
  • Does not affect seals and is compatible with most materials, safe on all surfaces
  • Does not sediment salts
  • Natural product that is less hazardous than traditional corrosive chemicals
  • Organic acid from the fermentation of cane or beet sugar
  • Vegan friendly and not tested on animals
  • All packaging is recycled and/or recyclable
  • Made in the UK using sustainable production processes


SKU: SU049
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