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Santa Teresa is our sweet Pecorino Sardo PDO. It is produced only with whole sheep milk of Sardinian pastures, according to the strict specifications of the Protected Designation of Origin, in wheels of just over 2 kg. It is a young cheese that matures for at least 20-25 days to preserve all the freshness and flavour of the milk. The rind is smooth and light, treated on the surface to protect this caciotta from mould. The paste is cream-coloured, soft and scented with milk.
The flavour is fresh and creamy, delicate, with all the richness of flavour of Sardinian sheep milk.
It is suitable for any occasion: it is delicious by itself, to accompany bread or to give a fresh and rich flavour to a salad. It is a real delicacy melted into cubes in soups, toasted on croutons and bruschetta and perfect for a tasty baked lasagna.




Pasteurized sheep milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments.

Pecorino Dolce Santa Teresa

SKU: CH039
1 Kilogram
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