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It is a semi-cooked cheese, produced only with Sardinian milk and rennet. The wheels of this product are about 3 kg, with an intense brown smooth rind, olive oil and a preservative that protects it from mould. The paste is compact, semi-hard, straw yellow-coloured.

It has an immediately noticeable scent, an intense and fragrant flavour, a unique aroma with complex notes given by the sheep milk of Sardinian pastures.

It is perfect in a platter of cheeses and cured meats for a snack, an appetizer or an aperitif. It accompanies quality bread, carasau bread and red wine of character in the simplest and most classic Sardinian meal. By itself or with fresh fruit or dried fruit, it ends the dinner with a note of flavour. It can also be grated on first courses, soups and pureed soups.



Pasteurized sheep milk (99%), salt (n.q. salted by wet way), rennet (0.5%), lactic ferments (0.5%)

Pecorino Cappato Unico Sardo

SKU: CH032
1 Kilogram
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