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The goat milk version of our most popular and loved cheese. It is made only from whole goat milk of Sardinian pastures, and matures for just 20, 25 days. The so short ripening retains all the aroma and freshness of the milk, with the characteristic notes of goat cheese. The rind is light yellow, with the stripes of canestrati cheeses, treated on the surface with a product that protects it from mould. The paste is cream-coloured, soft and with slight holes.

The flavour is a perfect balance between intense taste and freshness. Goat Brigante is delicious on any occasion, for a snack, melted on roasted vegetables or for a refined touch to a platter of cold cuts and cheeses.



Pasteurized goat milk, rennet, salt.

Formaggio Di Capra Brigante

SKU: CH037
1 Kilogram
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